IoT Node w/ AM2315 Sensor

This was a test environment for an autonomous IoT node powerd by a solar cell and measuring temperature and humidity.

The AM2315 sensor is connected to a NodeMCU V2 module with customized firmware ( The NodemCU module sends its data to a Thingspeak server for storage and visualization.

The NodeMCU was powered by a Lithium-Polymer battery  with a capacity of 1400 mAh. Sending data in a five minute cycle would discharge this battery in about six days. To recharge the battery it is powered by a 2 W solar cell and a LiPo Battery Charger LiPo Rider Pro to generate a stable power supply for the NodeMCU.

The test started at 04/13/2016 and was fnished today. In the next time the weather conditions will not be sufficient to recharge the battery.

Fazit from this test:

AM2315 Sensor Data:


Actual Weather Situation in Altendorf/SZ:

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