TMP36 LoRa Node

This is an outside temperature measurement by a TMP36 temperatur sensor connected to an Arduino Uno w/  Dragino LoRa Shield V1.2.
The TMP36 LoRa Node is integrated into TTN LoRaWAN.
For the integration into TTN LoRaWAN I installed a LoRa Gateway build by Raspberry Pi 3 w/ Lora / GPS HAT.
This is a single channel gateway and has not the full capabilities of a LoRaWAN Gateway.
The measured data will be transffered to the TTN server via Internet.
You have access to these data via the TTN console. This screenshot shows historical data (not life).

TMP36 Data

To make the data availabe for another application you can access these by MQTT.
I use Mosquitto on another Raspberry Pi subscribing these data and send them to Thingspeak for visualization.
Here is a life view of the measured data outside of my house.
The software used for this application can be found on Github.

Dragino LoRa Shield
Dragino LoRa/GPS HAT
The Things Network (TTN)

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